Crush 2 (2021)

Crush 2 (2021)Crush 2 (2021)
Genre: 18+ Teens, Couples, Gonzo, Deepthroat, Romance, Shaved, Tattoos, Naturally Busty, Directed by Women, Erotic Vignette, Popular with Women

Cast: Kenna James, Adria Rae, Charlotte Sins, Kenzie Madison, Dante Colle, Charlotte Sartre, Robby Echo, Nathan Bronson

Real People. True Stories. Uncut Sex. Bellesa House is the place where performers have the sex they want with the people they choose. Kenzie’s had a virtual crush on Robby for ages, and he’s had heart eyes for her ever since spotting her at AVN. Though they’d each been crushing on the other from a distance, they’d never actually met– until their Blind Porn Date at Bellesa House. The nerves they both visibly feel before meeting for the first time on camera are equal parts palpable and wholesome. Once they form that connection (and exchange astrological signs), Kenzie and Robby get fully lost in each other– and it’s steamy as hell. Kenna and Nathan have had a major mutual crush from the moment they met each other. They talked about shooting food porn that never happened because life kept getting in the way. They had a threesome together where the energy was fire. And finally, at long last, they’re getting some one-on-one time together. They’re both cute af as they talk about how excited they are, and the moment Nathan walks in the room, he tackles Kenna with a big hug and the fun is ON. A mixture of playful and passionately intense, their chemistry is obvious right from the start and they lose themselves in each other completely well before the scene is done. When Charlotte Sins came on the scene, Charlotte Sartre was one of her first role models in the industry. And when they finally met in person, it was clear that the intrigue was mutual. But they’d never worked together– until now. They are adorably nervous leading up to their on-set encounter but once they’re in the House together, the nerves alchemize to something incredibly wholesome and stunningly gorgeous as they explore each other intimately for the first (but probably not the last!) time. They’ve never worked together, they’ve hardly interacted, but Adria has been a big fan of Dante’s work for ages. In fact, she’s spent many a night masturbating to it– imagining all the lurid things she’d do with him if she had the chance… And at long last, that chance has come to! There are some natural nerves at first, but also excitement about the unpredictability of exploring someone new. And once the pandemic chitchat is out of the way, they’re free to fully discover one another– which they do, beautifully.

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Crush 2 (2021)Crush 2 (2021)

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