[Spankingdigital.com] Anita – Blazer Of Trust (2021)

[Spankingdigital.com] Anita – Blazer Of Trust (2021)[Spankingdigital.com] Anita – Blazer Of Trust (2021)
Tags : BDSM, Spanking, Fetish

Head girl Anita is called into Mr Baxter’s office, to discuss the history he has found on his computer. She was the last to log on, and it was full or pornographic content. Specifically, erotic videos involving girls getting spanked. She thinks for a moment and tells him that she was just doing research for school on the effectiveness of spanking! Not quite buying this, and not at all pleased with his head girl who should be setting an example for the others getting up to this on his office PC! As head girl, she gets to wear a special blazer for the year, which he calls the blazer of trust, and tells her she has broken the trust he had when he gave it to her. He tells her he thinks he’d like to help her do a bit more research on the effects of spanking, but not on his computer. First her hands are strapped since she used her fingers to look up the offensive material. Then he gives her the choice of giving up her special blazer or allowing him to “continue the research.” She goes across his lap and soon has her knickers down for a bare bottom spanking! He spanks her with his hand and a strap, then has her bend over the desk for a few harder with the strap. Mr Baxter leaves Anita with her panties down and hands on her head, but she did get to keep the blazer!

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[Spankingdigital.com] Anita – Blazer Of Trust (2021)[Spankingdigital.com] Anita – Blazer Of Trust (2021)

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