[ExploitedCollegeGirls.com | Excogi.com] Jill – I’m Only In High School I Hope I Do Good (2023)

[ExploitedCollegeGirls.com | Excogi.com] Jill – I’m Only In High School  I Hope I Do Good (2023)

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18-year-old high school sweetness is today’s exploit and her name is Jill. You can also see her take it up the ass over on Rick’s BackroomCastingCouch.com and that was his early Christmas present to you all and was only the second time our little newbie had tried anal. Trooper, and now she’s on our bed ready to take Tyler Nixon’s cock and this girl next door is on her way if she wants to make it in the Jizz Biz. I also loved Jill’s interview because the way she described messing around with her girlfriends and just kissing and stuff, and [giggles] licking each other’s pussies is what wet dreams are inspired by. She explained, “we would like make out on sleepovers all the time, and like – we thought it was like totally normal and would say stuff like. We don’t really like girls, we’re just doing this stuff for fun.” Fucking HOT ass fun!!! And remember this was all happening between the ages of 13 to current. Don’t fast forward through the interview or you’ll miss the entire back-story of how our Little Miss Sunshine lost her virginity in a church parking lot to a random guy, and I’m sure God will forgive you. She also describes how she started masturbating at 13 and gave her first blowjob at 14. But it gets even better when she tells the story of trying anal for the first time at the restaurant she worked at by the cock that was attached to her manager. Oh My, I hope you washed your hands before returning to work dear, but in the meantime all of us perverts and adoring fans are going to rub a few out to the perversion I like to call Your Wonder Years. We’re also all wondering what sexual firsts took place today so lets start listing them. Well she’s never been naked in front of strangers before and she had her first of 4 orgasms today with the help of her first Magic Wand and glass dildo at (14:33). This girl loves sex toys now and she even started dripping girl juice before her orgasm at (12:33). Hotness, just fucking hotness and you know she’s excited to fuck Tyler because she started crying tears of joy when removing her glasses at (22:09) in anticipation of getting Tyler’s cock deep. But you just know this girl is fresh when Tyler spreads her pink pussy, trying to gape our youngling at (22:28) before he fucks her silly in Missionary and she has her second toe curling O of the day at (28:57). The toes never lie do they and this was the first time anyone had ever given her an orgasm from penetration. It’s quite a big moment and up there along with discovering your clit I’d say. Next it was her third very intense orgasm of the day during cowgirl (55:07) and you can see why this girl’s fun to ride. But the ending to this girl’s first true and real fucking was Jill’s first ever Facial and was something that Tyler just couldn’t pass up, happened at (1:12:51) just after mister stud gave her another orgasm from penetration at (1:11:12). Epic. Just epic and there are more firsts coming from this high school bundle of sunshine at BBCSurprise.com, so tootles everyone.

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[ExploitedCollegeGirls.com | Excogi.com] Jill – I’m Only In High School  I Hope I Do Good (2023)

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